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About Our Cleaning Services & Janitorial Equipment Service

Arment Enterprises, LLC was formed in 1992 because he saw a need for quality cleaning services. Danny Arment began our cleaning company as a one-man show over 26 years ago. Grateful that a store manager would believe in him, Danny jumped at the chance to start his own business and be his own boss. Though he worked hard and missed many holidays, the rewards were worth it. Today, our company is the local leader in commercial, industrial, warehouse and office cleaning, as well as impeccable janitorial equipment service.

interior office building

Offering Greater Value

We started out as a cleaning company but decided that we were tired of buying cleaning equipment from other vendors. So, we decided to become independent dealers for some of the top-brands in cleaning equipment. By getting our equipment straight from the manufacturers, we are then able to pass the savings on to our customers.

Soon, we added an in-house service technician team and began to offer service on the various types of cleaning equipment on the market.

Expanded Workspace

Currently, our headquarters is located in Drexel, MO. This is where we house our commercial cleaning offices that consist of both management and administrative offices. You can also find shop space for our service technicians to work on any cleaning equipment brought in by our customers. We also have shop space in Columbia, MO as well where another team of service technicians and staff members such as Operations Managers work.

Continuing to Grow

As of 2023, Arment Enterprises currently provides cleaning services in over nine U.S. states. With the support of great staff and hard-working individuals, we are able to continue to grow our business for years to come.

For new and used equipment and service, Arment Enterprises in Drexel, MO and Columbia, MO is the company to call! 816-425-6055.

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