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Reliable Post-Construction Clean-Up Services in the Midwest

Arment Enterprises provides post-construction clean-up services to businesses throughout the Midwest. Whether you’ve completed a retail development or a single commercial renovation, we have the clean-up crew required to handle any size construction clean-up project. Even after the renovation or new construction is complete, your commercial location may still not be ready for customers and employees. That’s where our team steps in. Our cleaning technicians offer deep cleaning to ensure your commercial space is safe and comfortable. Contact our cleaning professionals today to schedule your post-construction clean-up service estimate.

brushing floor

Choose the Right Post Construction Cleaning Services

During construction, dirt, sawdust, and other debris are lifted into the air and spread throughout the building, creating an uncomfortable and dirty environment for your employees and customers. If your commercial space is undergoing renovations, it’s impossible to contain the filth to just the construction area. Luckily, the cleaning professionals at Arment Enterprises have the skills, equipment, and cleaning solutions to transform your commercial space. We’ll ensure your business is safe and comfortable for all occupants with our comprehensive cleaning services. Our post-construction cleaning services include the following:

  • Remove Construction Debris
  • Vacuuming Carpets
  • Mopping Floors
  • Cleaning Light Features
  • Wiping Down Windows and Sills
  • Cleaning and Polishing Restrooms
  • Wiping Down Cabinets
  • Cleaning Countertops
  • And More

What Is the Post Construction Clean-Up Process?

At Arment Enterprises, we know the safety and comfort of the customers and employees in your building are essential for the success of your business. Our cleaning technicians follow a comprehensive but flexible cleaning process which allows us to customize your services while ensuring no detail is overlooked. We’re committed to completing the project correctly while meeting your standard for cleanliness. Learn more about our cleaning process:


The assessment is a critical phase in the project. Our cleaning techs will take the time to understand your needs and concerns, assess the construction area, and devise a cleaning plan and timeline.


The cleaning process is extensive and may take several days to complete. We begin by removing big debris, sweeping, and vacuuming before moving on to more deep cleaning projects.

Post Clean-Up Check

Our goal is to ensure you’re satisfied with the quality of our work. After the project is complete, we’ll review the job details and ensure you’re happy with the results.

Trusted Experts for Post-Construction Cleaning

Business owners throughout the Midwest rely on the experts at Arment Enterprises for comprehensive post-construction clean-up services. Our cleaning technicians have the experience and equipment to tackle any size project. After construction or renovations are complete, ignoring the need for post-construction clean-up services may be tempting. However, you may be risking your employees’ or customers’ safety and comfort. Our team can customize a plan that’s right for your business to ensure you get the services you need. Contact our team today to schedule your free project estimate.

Free Cleaning Estimate